Leather Maintenance – It Isn’t Natural

Dec 02 2018

Leather Cleaning Service

Since it comes from the hide of an animal, leather is a natural material that if properly maintained from the beginning should last many years. Before it becomes leather – in a process known as tanning – nature takes care of preserving it, but after it becomes a fabric it must be artificially treated. Regular cleaning and replenishment of natural oils will keep the leather and its finish in good condition for a very long time. Most leather surfaces should be cleaned, conditioned and protected approximately every three months.

To determine proper leather cleaning procedures and chemicals it is important to first classify the upholstery as one of three types: pigmented, aniline, or nubuck. Using a product not specifically designed for the leather type can result in permanent damage.

To assist in devising an appropriate leather treatment program simply call Fine Décor Revival today at (224) 250-5611 or contact us via email at robf@finedecorrevival.com to discuss your needs with our team.

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