Leather Cleaning, Repair & Dyeing

Leather & Upholstery CleaningFine Décor Revival offers a comprehensive solution for all your leather upholstery needs. Whether it’s a sofa, sectional couch, ottoman, recliner, chair, wall covering, car, boat or airplane interior, we can clean and restore these expensive furnishings. Leather surfaces are some of most desirable seating surfaces but they are susceptible to damage caused by food spills, body oils, sun damage, air pollution, and general wear and tear. A Fine Décor Revival Specialist can clean, revitalize and protect your leather in order to keep these luxurious items looking like new for years to come!

Common issues with leather surfaces:

Scratching or scuffs: Over the life of your leather upholstery it will get some signs of wear. Typical but correctable issues are scratches and scuffs from belts, shoes, pet claws and other sharp items that come into contact with the surface.

Soiling: Body oils from humans and pets can get adsorbed into the leather leaving unsightly stains. Food and drink spills are also very common. Dust and other atmospheric pollution like cooking oils and air pollution from outside your home can also degrade your leather.

Dye transfer: Some of the clothing, like denim and others, can transfer dye to the leather surface.

Sun light and UV damage: If your leather is situated in direct sunlight, it can lose pigment from UV fading and even dry out and become brittle to the touch.

Types of leather:

Fine Décor Revival’s Certified Leather Specialists can properly identify the type of leather covering your fine furniture and the proper care it requires. Many types of leather require very specific cleaning methods and products.  Choosing the wrong method or cleaning product can permanently damage the leather and the use of a one-step leather cleaner will do more harm than good.

We are trained and certified to not only clean and maintain all types of leather but we can accurately identify all leather types and finishes as well including:

  • Aniline
  • Nubuck
  • Suede and Reverse Suede
  • Protected, Pigmented, Semi-Aniline
  • Pull-up Leather including Wax and Oil
  • Top Grain/Full Grain/Split Grain
  • Embossed
  • Saddle Leather

Call or email Fine Décor Revival today and gain the peace of mind knowing a leather care specialist will use the correct methods to clean and restore your expensive leather pieces.


How Often Do I Clean My Leather?

Fine Décor Revival recommends cleaning, revitalizing, and protecting your leather two-times a year based on use and exposure to sunlight and heating vents within your home or office.

I have a rip or tear in my leather?

Fine Décor Revival can help with that too!

Send us a photo of the damage and we can determine the repair options and help you evaluate these options.