Chandelier & Light Fixture Cleaning

Are you tired of cleaning chandeliers or light fixtures by hand? Are they too high to reach? Fine Décor Revival provides a more cost effective, time efficient and professional way to clean your chandeliers and light fixtures that also produces better results.

Chandelier Cleaning

Chandelier Cleaning 1We have invented a unique system where your fixture is encased in a custom, protective vinyl enclosure that creates a secure chamber for cleaning. No more disassembling the crystals from the fixture reducing the risk of damage or worrying about you or a loved one falling off a steep ladder. Our system works safely to contain the dust and debris that gets washed off and keeps all the surrounding areas protected. We use compressed air and a mild, non-toxic solution to remove all the dust and pollutants that have built up over time on the crystal, metal, glass and other components of the fixture. This process is one of the most effective and innovative ways to clean high-end lighting fixtures.