Exotic Wood Cleaning, Polishing, and Care

The Blog was Posted on Feb 14 2019 by admin
Porous Woods: These are woods that will most likely absorb what you use to clean them with. These woods include pine and osese. To care for these woods, Fine Décor Revival recommends a fine quality lemon oil. Find one that has very little alcohol, or petroleum distillates, in it. In fact, if you can avoid […]
Marble & Granite Cleaning

Marble & Granite Polishing for Your Office

The Blog was Posted on Jan 05 2019 by admin
Fine Décor Revival, along with its affiliates, has many years of experience in the care of marble and other natural stone. We primarily utilize two common methodologies for restoring these surfaces. One technique known as crystallization involves burnishing acrylics with a steel wool pad. The other is diamond honing – Fine Décor Revival’s preferred methodology […]
Leather Cleaning Service

Leather Maintenance – It Isn’t Natural

The Blog was Posted on Dec 02 2018 by admin
Since it comes from the hide of an animal, leather is a natural material that if properly maintained from the beginning should last many years. Before it becomes leather – in a process known as tanning – nature takes care of preserving it, but after it becomes a fabric it must be artificially treated. Regular […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Chandelier Cleaning in Your Home

The Blog was Posted on Nov 23 2018 by admin
Chandeliers can be true works of art but a grimy or dusty chandelier doesn’t give off the grandeur and class that it was designed to exhibit. Chandeliers are supposed to be intricate and beautiful, which is one of the reasons why people consider cleaning it a daunting task. However, the hard work and effort of […]
Elegant Cleaning Service

Cleaning Services for Your “Elegant” Home

The Blog was Posted on Nov 12 2018 by admin
Are you a proud owner of an elegant, high-end home? It is highly likely that you have faced problems with regular house cleaning services that neither have the experience, nor the expertise of handling fine furniture and delicate materials within your luxurious living space. Maintaining a high level of organization and cleanliness can be quite […]

Types of Leather Used to Make Fine Furniture

The Blog was Posted on Oct 05 2018 by admin
Why is proper cleaning, revitalizing, and protecting leather so important? It’s important because the leather in your home is an expensive investment in style and comfort. If properly cared for, the life of your leather pieces can span generations. The most important step in the revival process is identifying the type of leather that was […]